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We began over 15 years ago and have over 35 years experience. We do roofing as well as general carpentry. Some of our most recent projects have been bathroom remodeling, window and door replacement, and helping homeowners recover from nasty mold infestation. We are proud to be able to give people back a normal life after disasters such as fire, flood/rain, or wind damage. Let us help get your life back better than before!

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Our Suggestions:

When thinking of selling your home, keep in mind we are still in a buyer's market. You need to make your house attractive to potential buyers without making it too expensive. It's a tight race in which the runner that makes the best choices wins. A short list of options to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and grab attention follows:

  • Replace your windows. Energy efficient vinyl-clad windows are one of the best investments a homeowner can make. Potential buyers look at these types of windows as a way to save money on their utitlity bill as well as a less harrassing cleaning job.
  • Make sure your exterior doors are well sealed and sturdy. You may want to install new metal doors. Keep in mind that they are making exceptionally beautiful metal doors these days. Make sure there are deadbolts in the doors as well. These can save the homeowner money on their insurance as well as provide a feeling of safety. Metal doors also tend to be more energy efficent than wooden ones.
  • A new roof is a large selling point. It gives the potential buyer confidence that one item of owning a home is taken care of for a few years. Installing architectural shingles also adds an element of beauty to the house that increases curb appeal and attracts buyers.
  • If you still have areas on your house that require paint make sure it has a fresh coat. Pealing paint and exposed wood can only turn off potential buyers. A new paint job, however, will add curb appeal to the house. Buyers appreciate a house that looks pretty. You may consider covering the exposed wooden areas with metal. Potential buyers will view this as less future maintenance.
  • Home buyers love the look of customized cabinetry. If a total cabinet replacement is not in your budget, try installing trim and/or crown moulding around your existing cabinets. This will give the illusion of new, custom-made cabinets.
  • One upgrade that consistently brings more interest to a house is multiple or updated bathrooms. People want more than one bathroom and they are willing to pay for it. However, they want these bathrooms to have as many modern upgrades as possible. Buyers want gorgeous cabinetry, new lighting and plumbing fixtures (of the best quality, please), separate shower stalls and bathtubs, shower doors, and tile floors. A beautiful bathroom can make or break a sale. Having only one bathroom can make or break one as well. If your home only has one, and an addition is not possible, make sure the one you have is spectacular.
  • Another big ROI is an updated kitchen. This goes beyond cosmetic work to the cabinets. Buyers want tile floors, granite or marble countertops, state-of-the-art appliances, and plenty of space to entertain. Of course you have to work with what you can do, so make your kitchen as appealing as possible. Even if you can't afford tile, new linoleum flooring is better than ugly and outdated flooring any day. A pretty countertop made of less expensive material is better than a scarred up old countertop, so don't feel restricted to granite or marble. You can make your kitchen look nice without costing a fortune, but some potential buyers will only want the best.

Keep in mind that people will be less likely to buy a home that has been over personalized to your family. Avoid making a spare bedroom into a room that can only be used for one thing. Leave the potential buyers some options. They will want to be able to easily make the house into their home without too much effort. Also, don't out-price yourself. If you live in a neighborhood where most homes sell for $100,000, don't do so many improvements that your home is worth $150,000. That would make it quite a bit harder to sell.

You should also examine your reasons for moving. If you simply need more space, an addition could solve your problems with less hassle and expense. If you feel that your home is outdated, you could remodel.

Whatever you feel is right for your family, we are here for you.

We offer a limited 10 year warranty on our roofs.

Year 1: Free roof inspection and minor repairs (if needed)

Years 2-10: Roof inspection and minor repairs (if needed) for a $50.00 fee. If there is more extensive damage,you will be given an estimate to repair it.

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